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One of Goth's most long standing and enduring brands, Necessary Evil have been designing and producing incredible alternative designs for almost 15 years now! Ever evolving and alway at the forefront of Gothic fashion, Necessary Evil not only follow trends in Alternative style but creates and influence them too. WIth a versatile collection of lines, updated frequently with new designs and capsule collections Necessary Evil remain at the forefront of gothic and alternative style.

As a brand Necessary Evil has a very interesting history having been worn by some of Gothic culture's most famous and infamous faces including, Dani Divine, New Years Day's Ash Costello, Lacuna Coil, Cradle Of Filth, Butcher Babies, Evil Scarecrow, The Lounge Kittens, Bianca Beauchamp, and Georgina Baillie's Satanic Sluts group, causing some designs to be very well recognised across the UK and the world!

Necessary Evil Clothing is designed in house by owner Kate Seagroatt. Kate has been developing the look and style of the clothes for the last decade, matching, predicting and inspiring the ebbs and flows of Gothic fashion trends. Collection by collection she has kept the brand totally relevant to the alternative culture of today. The brand catalogue is full of must have items for every Gothic wardrobe including perfect pencil skirts, corseted jackets, studded trousers, bewitching capes, and heavy metal style pocket belts for ladies.

As the creators of the highly sort after Highwayman coat, men too are catered for with Necessary Evil! The men's clothing is just as interesting and diverse as the ladies, including a Steampunk suit with brass button fastening trousers, shirt and waistcoat, alongside pieces such as baggy everyday trousers, sleeveless studded vests, and classic black shirts.

Necessary Evil have recently been making a splash with their new line of alternative homeware too, made in their signature cherry bomb, mermaid, and octopus fabrics. Now you can decorate your home and kitchen in Necessary Evil too! Ideal for any Gothic or vintage inspired home!

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